The Essentials: Top 5 Family Care Insurance Plans In The Philippines

Joanna Marie Santos

June 8, 2023

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The Philippines is a family-oriented country and many Filipinos study and work with the goal of providing a better life for their families in the long run. For most Filipino dads, and fathers in general, this can not be more true. Before our families even grow in size, we already have a goal in mind. A happy family that is comfortable and does not have to worry about suffering financially in situations that are unforeseen.

Insurance plays a large role in ensuring the safety and comfort of your family. In a modern society where it is nearly impossible if not impossible to do anything without money, insurance plays an indispensable benefit for those who acquire it. Our homes, our children’s education, and even what we provide and feed our family all require money before we can even provide it. Most of us work hard to have savings, but emergency situations are not in our control and all of us truly can not prepare for everything that may come our way. As such, insurance is really an essential shield that can protect your family when it is needed the most.

What Is Insurance?

One of the most important financial tools, insurance is a contractual agreement between an insurance policyholder (an individual or an entity, like a business or a party) and an insurance company. With the aim of providing financial assistance during emergencies that require it, insurance companies provide their policyholders with monetary support to help cover the cost of emergencies relating to health, work, life, and even property like those relating to a vehicle or a house.

Many parents choose to avail of insurance when an opportunity presents itself. Apart from the financial assistance we may have when we need it, having an insurance policy prepared for emergencies can also grant us peace of mind and allow us to focus on our family during times of crisis. As fathers, having health insurance that can provide support for our family, especially during a health crisis. 

What Is Family Health Insurance?

Family health insurance is similar to an individual insurance policy but with added dependents. This type of health insurance generally functions the same as an individual health insurance policy, but the main policyholder can choose to add their family members as dependents, ultimately naming them as eligible recipients for the benefits and financial coverage that the insurance policy includes.

Most of the time, policyholders in the Philippines can include their children as insurance beneficiaries from the age of 30 days old until the age of 22 years old, although it can change depending on the insurance company. Below are some of the existing insurance companies in the Philippines that provide family health insurance plans.

  • Sun Life
  • AXA Philippines
  • MediCard
  • MaxiCare
  • PRU Life U.K.

These insurance companies are known to provide health care plans for you and your family. Each company offers different insurance plans, which is why it is necessary to truly spend your time researching and comparing their family insurance plans. By doing so, you’ll be able to choose and provide the best insurance plan that can answer the specific needs of your family.

Preparing The Safest Future For Your Family

While we want to give what is best for our families, it can be hard to make sure that they will always be comfortable since nobody can predict what is going to happen in the future. Parents always make sure the family is prepared, and as fathers who are commonly the breadwinner of the family, we work hard to make sure that we can provide what is needed in every situation. By acquiring an insurance policy, we can be ensured that there will be money if a situation calls for it and that we will be able to focus and support our family members during important times.