Hoop, Hoop, Hooray!: Why Basketball Is A Fun And Healthy Sport To Play With Your Kids

Joanna Marie Santos

June 5, 2023

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For many dads, it’s very important to set aside some time to relax and bond with our kids. This can be our way of making sure that our kids will have time to have fun outside of school activities, but it's our way of spending time with our kids to be closer to them and collect happy memories together. We may feel like time is passing by too quickly and the little kids that used to run around the house asking for playtime no longer want to do anything fun that lasts more than ten minutes with us. Although this might not be the case all the time, we often feel the desire to increase our time with our kids.

One of the ways we can spend quality time with our kids is to share our hobbies with them. Engaging in activities that not only train the body and mind but are just enjoyable can strengthen the relationship we have with our kids. Spending time with our children doing activities like puzzles, cooking, racing bikes, and other fun sports may be a good way to do so. 

Among the many sports played here in the Philippines‌, basketball is one of the most common. With its simple but fun mechanics that always make for an excellent game, basketball is an excellent choice for fathers looking to spend quality time with their kids while promoting physical fitness and game skill development. In this article, we will explore the benefits of playing basketball with your kids. 

The Benefits Of Playing Basketball Together

People who play sports unlock a wide range of physical and mental benefits. Dads can help their children experience these benefits by incorporating the sport into their lives. While this goes for physical activities, basketball can improve your kid’s health, motor skills and even improve their communication and sportsmanship. 

Physical Health

A sport that requires constant movement, basketball is a sport that can be an excellent way to give your kids the necessary amount of cardiovascular workout. Different movements that are required in basketball, such as dribbling, shooting and even simply running from one hoop to another, will definitely improve your kid’s physical fitness and overall bodily coordination. 

Motor Skills

Beyond the physical fitness component of playing basketball, the sport also provides the opportunity for both the father and the children to develop fundamental sports skills together. By practicing basketball frequently, different movements in the sport can be improved by your kids as they continue to play the sport. These skills movement may seem exclusive to playing basketball only, but the improvement in their motor skills and the development of their teamwork skills will be beneficial to them as they grow older.

Communication Skills And Improvement In Confidence

While playing basketball can help your kids improve their understanding of the game, they can also improve their skills in creating effective strategies. In a very active sport, players will have to develop their communication skills to execute their game strategies flawlessly. In addition, your kids will also gain more confidence as they continue to master their own strategies in basketball. 

Strengthening Father-Child Bonds Beyond the Game

Being a dad comes with many responsibilities, but we also know that one of the most important ones is to spend time with our family whenever we can. After all, the reason we work so hard every day is to provide them with a good life. As dads who truly work hard for the future of our children, it is also up to us to be part of that good life. 

In turn, it is also a good way to ask them to share their own hobbies with you. Not only will this approach allow your children to see how much their interests mean to you, but it will also open up communication and allow you to discover what hobbies and interests you share with your kids.