Working Out While Working Home: Best Stay-At-Home Workouts That Target Major Muscle Groups

Joanna Marie Santos

May 15, 2023

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Whether you are a stay-at-home dad or occasionally working from home, exercising at home can help us make the best of our time. Just thirty minutes of workout a day is already hard if you are always in the office. That’s why home workouts are really effective in getting that daily workout routine squeezed into our tight schedule, especially when we are rarely home or have no time to hit the gym.

Even before the 70s trend of Jane Fonda working out in the living room in flashy spandex, home workouts have already been utilized by many people who only have free time when they are at home. After all, if everything in the gym can be substituted at home, then what’s the point of paying for the gym? But in all seriousness, home workouts are highly effective, especially in our digital world, where all resources we need are downloaded or ordered online. 

If you have been planning to complete your daily workout routines at home, this article will discuss the best workouts that can target every major muscle group. Some equipment is needed, but substitutes are also available. With these effective home workouts, all you really need is to be at home. 

Plyometric Push-Ups

A step up from your average daily push-ups, a plyometric push-up works out both your entire arms and your chest while practicing your balance coordination. Beginning with both hands flat on the ground at shoulder width apart, bend your arms as you would in a normal push-up. Afterward, push yourself up with enough force that both your hands leave the ground. Make a soft landing and repeat until you have reached your desired number of reps. 


A great way to strengthen and train your abdominal muscles, the pull-up is an effective exercise that targets your core. For this exercise, a pull-up bar or a pull-up wall attachment can be beneficial to maximize the effects of the workout. Facing front towards the bar, secure both hands on the equipment with a tight grip. From there, pull yourself up by focusing on tightening your abdominal muscles to carry the rest of your body upward. 

It’s important to remember that both your hands and the bar should not be slippery. You can use chalk powder to improve your grip.

Inverted Rows

A no-equipment alternative to pull-ups, inverted rows can be done with nothing else but the non-slippery end of a sturdy table. Slide under the table and make sure to face towards one end of the furniture, with your back flat on the ground. With both hands, hold the end of the table while keeping both your feet on the floor. Once your grip is secure, lift yourself up by bending your elbow and tightening your abdominal muscles. Once up, you can choose to stay there for a few seconds before slowly lowering yourself back down to the ground. From there, you can repeat the workout as many times as you want until you reach your desired number of reps.

Jump Squats

An efficient no-equipment leg workout, jump squats are also a cardio exercise that can help you lose belly fat. Starting in a squat position with your feet shoulder-width apart, jump up and push through your heels, extending your legs and making a full jump. Softly land back in a squatting position in order to protect your knees. Just like any other exercise, do the workout for multiple reps.

The Efficiency Of Home Workouts 

Home workouts have been around for a long time, but it has become common, especially due to the recent global pandemic. With people looking up possible ways to remain fit while staying at home, home workouts have become popular due to the availability of online references and resources that have always been free and easy to access. 

This, as well as the emergence of social media influencers who focus on fitness, has increased our interest in becoming fit and healthy. Home workouts have helped many people realize that gyms are not necessary for working out, and no-equipment exercises are as effective and can yield the same results. 

At the end of the day, it does not matter if you work out at the gym or at home. What truly matters is that we remain active so that we can preserve our health. Maintaining and putting in the effort to improve our health will not only be beneficial for ourselves but also for our loved ones.