What are the Health Benefits of Running?

Joanna Marie Santos

March 23, 2023

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Ang pagtakbo ay maaaring pahabain ang iyong buhay, bawasan ang stress, at mapabuti ang iyong kalooban. Ngayon ay isang mainam na sandali upang makapagsimula!

Kung hindi ka pa nakatakbo ng isang hakbang sa iyong buhay, maaaring hindi ka sigurado kung dapat mong gawin ito. Oo, ang pagtakbo ay may malawak na hanay ng mga positibong epekto sa parehong katawan at isip. Ang mga nangungunang ay nakalista sa ibaba.

The Health Benefits of Running


You may live longer

The benefits of exercise in extending life have been demonstrated in numerous studies. For instance, in a study involving 55,000 individuals, researchers at Iowa State University discovered that running three times a week for only 17 minutes at a time on average cut the risk of a fatal heart attack or stroke by 55%. Over 154,000 runners and walkers have been monitored by the National Runners' and Walkers' Study at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California since 1991. The risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol is decreased by as little as between three and seven miles of running per week.

It can lessen the risk of cancer

Cancer cannot be cured by running, but there is a lot of evidence that it can be prevented. Regular exercise is linked to a lower risk of developing particular cancers, like colon cancer (risk reduced by 40% to 70%), breast cancer (30% to 40%), and lung cancer (30% to 40%), according to a review of 170 studies published in the Journal Of Nutrition, while another study analyzed the genetic material of nearly 70,000 women with invasive breast cancer and nearly 131,000 women from all over the world. Based on their DNA, people were 41% less likely to develop invasive breast cancer than those who were less likely to exercise.

It keeps your mind active 

According to a study published in the Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, there is "insurmountable" evidence that regular exercise prevents age-related mental decline. According to research published in Frontiers In Aging Neuroscience, adults over 50 who start aerobic exercise experience improved cognitive function and blood flow in the brain. According to a different study published in the Journal Of Alzheimer's Disease, people who run 15.3 miles per week have a 40% lower risk of passing away from Alzheimer's than those who don't. 


It will help your joints

Sorry to the cynics! Your knees won't be ruined by running. It can strengthen them, as well as other joints. Recreational runners had less joint wear and tear, according to research from California's Stanford University. According to research published in the journal Osteoporosis International, older runners had a greater density of bone minerals than sedentary people and swimmers of the same age.


It lessens stress

Before and after a 20-minute run, participants in a small study by the athletic brand Asics had their brain waves recorded. The amount of cognitive stress was reduced by 58% even after this brief exercise session.

The ideal "me time" is now

Permitting yourself to do something just for you is easy to do by going for a run. You can unplug from the grid, leave your phone at home, and simply focus on your breathing and the sights and sounds around you. You can also listen to music, and catch up on an audiobook or your favorite podcast.

Nature can be appreciated

Whether it's a remote trail or just your neighborhood park, going for a run is the ideal excuse to get outside and enjoy the healing qualities of nature. In a study that was published in Environmental Science and Technology, it was discovered that people who exercised outside had more energy, felt less depressed, and were more likely to continue exercising.


It gives you a command

It's the most flexible and adaptable activity because you can decide exactly how to approach running. Depending on other demands on your time, you can go for a quick 15-minute run or go out for an hour or longer. You can run alone or with others. You can run twice or three times a week. You can enter races. You can train for a marathon. You have the choice.


You might become happier as a result

Over 8,000 park run regulars were polled by Glasgow Caledonian University about their health and happiness. On the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire, they generally scored 4.4 out of six, which is higher than the average score for the general population of 4. Additionally, 89% of park runners claimed that going for runs on a regular basis improved their mood and mental health.

The price is reasonable

At a basic level, what you need for getting started is a pair of good trainers and a comfortable, chafe-free outfit, although you can spend a significant amount of money on high-tech clothing and gadgets, carbon-fiber trainers, and so on. Compared to taking up golf, it's much less expensive.



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